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Reentry Program

The District Court of the Virgin Islands has a written interagency agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Federal Public Defender’s Office, and the Probation/Pretrial Services Office for the creation of the Reentry Court Program. 

The Reentry Court Program is designed to help reduce recidivism and improve public safety through the use of judicial oversight. The program is voluntary for its reentrants. The reentrants are required to enter into a contract for participation, and abide by the contract terms. Successful reentrants are involved in the program for at least one year. During the one year or more, the participants are referred to various sources to assist with supervision issues; i.e. substance abuse treatment, businesses or employment agencies, education programs and/or other rehabilitation services. The program also involves regularly scheduled court appearances in order to report on the reentrants’ progress. Additionally, failures to abide by the mandates of the program may result in the reentrants being terminated from the program and returning to traditional supervision. 
In an effort to facilitate the reentrants’ reentry into the labor market, the District Court and the Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA) have entered into a formal agreement where VIHA has agreed to employ the reentrants. VIHA has also agreed to provide training to the reentrants to improve their skills in the various maintenance trades as well as educational competencies. The Reentry Court Program serves only people who were previously convicted and sentenced in the District Court of the Virgin Islands or a United States District Court, and who are serving a term of supervision. The reentrants are offenders who are struggling with supervision issues identified by the probation office. 
The reentrants’ involvement in the Reentry Court Program is confirmed by a written contract signed by the reentrant, the Reentry Court Judge, the United States Attorney’s Office, the Federal Public Defender’s Office, and the Probation/Pretrial Services Office.